Scrapsheets are often Victorian-inspired images, or images of a later time-period like the fifties and sixties, made in series of a large variety of sceneries, people and events. Collectors around the world look for the best scraps to fit their collection. This is exactly why I created Picture-Scraps: to offer an extensive, clear overview of scrapsheets ordered by various characteristics. Think of producer, country of origin, theme, type and much more. 

Which scrapsheets are available in our collection?

After years of collecting scrapsheets, I realised there was something missing: a reference guide of what is available. Various themes are represented in the extensive collection at Picture-Scraps. Think of Christmas, angels and Dresden. But we also have different types of scrapsheets available. By far the most we have are regular scrap sheets, but you can also find others, such as:

We also have various ephemera in our collection such as postcard scraps, bookmark scraps and label scraps to bring extra colour and vibrancy to your creative projects. Another one is stand-up scraps also known as pop-up scraps.

Simply place your order 

Are you a scrap collector and did something in my collection catch your eye? Make sure to check whether I offer these scrapsheets for sale. You can simply order them via an online account and pay by PayPal or wire transfer. If you have any questions or would like to know more about certain characteristics, do not hesitate to contact me via