Bookmark Scraps

With bookmark scraps, you never have to wonder where you left off reading your favourite book. Place them in your book and simply pick up where you left off. However, the bookmark scraps are not just practical. As they are very few in number, they may be interesting for collectors as well! 

Explore the collection of bookmark scraps 

At Picture-Scraps, we regularly add new items to the collection and offer them for sale. These bookmarks are offered against a competitive price, as I am aware some of my competitors may ask absurdly high prices for scraps. As I collect scrapsheets myself, I wanted to make Picture-Scraps accessible to everyone. This is why the collection is categorised on different characteristics for your convenience. Think of theme, producer, country of origin and price. Bookmark scraps have a large variety of images on them, such as flowers, children and are often seen as single scrapsheets

Easily order your new scraps online 

Would you like to order bookmark scraps for your collection? Create an account at Picture-Scraps so you can order your favourites from the collection. You can pay by PayPal or wire transfer, whatever suits your situation. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them by emailing I speak Dutch, English, German and French, but I know my way around Google Translate as well! 

You can find some examples below. More can be found in my collection.

Card vintage bookmark 1.jpg

Bookmark - Bookmark

Card vintage bookmark 2.jpg

Bookmark - Bookmark 1

Card vintage bookmark 3.jpg

Bookmark - Bookmark 2


Small signs of use

Card vintage bookmark 4.jpg

Bookmark - Bookmark 3