Single Scrap

For example Victorian scraps have unique images of for example vases, oval portraits, angelic sceneries and children created in a Victorian style. This art style is characterised by its depictions of ordinary moments in the Victorian era. Even though the single scrap show lots of ordinary moments of regular people, the images are also underlined with a moral or spiritual undertone that was rather popular during these times. 

How do you recognise single scrapsheets in our collection?

One of the main characteristics of scrapsheets is that they are connected by small ladders, often carrying the name of their creator.  Single scraps consist of one image or scenery, making it a unique kind of die-cut scraps for collectors. Some single scraps are pop-up scraps. Picture-Scraps offers a small collection of single scraps for sale. You can use them to add to your own collection, get creative in your personal scrapbook or create unique cards for friends and family!

Order scraps for your own collection 

Have you found single scrapsheets in our collection? Simply order them by logging on to Picture-Scraps. You can pay by PayPal or wire transfer, whatever fits your situation best. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via After years of collecting scraps, my knowledge has become rather extensive, and I love helping you find whatever you desire!