Dresden Scraps

Dresden scraps are perfect for scrapbooks, photographs or card making. Creative souls know their way around this style, as it adds a little bit of sparkle to every project you complete! Picture-Scraps has an overview of available collectibles in this specific style. This reference guide is however not complete and is constantly updated. 

Gold and relief are characteristics of Dresden-style scraps

But how do you recognize Dresden scraps? Dresden is a particular style that is always very popular around Christmas. Thanks to the excessive use of gold and relief, the scrapsheets look luxurious and festive. They often have images of angels, good luck-signs or Christmas wishes. One of the best-known producers of this specific style is Littauer & Boysen, more commonly known as L & B. Their Jewish heritage becomes rather clear in their designs and creations, making their Dresden scraps a very popular choice for collectors of scrapsheets

Order your new scraps or ask your questions 

A small collection of the Dresden scraps is available for sale. If you have any questions about the available Dresden scraps, feel free to send an email to info@picture-scraps.com. I understand Dutch, English, French and German. I do find Google Translate useful, so feel free to communicate in your native language if that is more convenient for you!