Stand-up Scraps

Stand-up scraps are colourful images that are able to stand up thanks to a supportive frame. They often show different dimensions of a static image, like people in a moving car. Some of these scraps are available for sale, as I am aware collectors are rather fond of them!

What kind of stand-up scraps are there?

Stand-up scraps are available in different themes, such as Christmas or Dresden scraps. But you can also find more genera l images such as cars, angels, stuffed animals and fairylike people that are all designed in a Victorian style. This is why they are rather realistic, lifelike sceneries that often have a moral or spiritual undertone incorporated in them. 

Order new stand-up scraps for your own collection

Would you like to order new stand-up scraps for your collection or to practice your creative hobbies? Part of the stand-up scraps on Picture-Scraps are available for sale against competitive prices! Simply order the various scrapsheets you want and pay by PayPal or wire transfer. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me by emailing You can communicate in Dutch, English, French or German but also in your native language, as I find Google Translate helpful most of the time! 

You can find some examples below. More can be found in my collection.

Pop Up - Two Puppets Stand Up Card

E.O. & CO 62157
€ 9,00

Pop Up - Victorian Pop Up Fold Out Card 11

vintage, two figures but may vary

Pop Up - Victorian Pop Up Fold Out Card 10

vintage, two figures but may vary