Large Scraps

Are you looking for large scraps to complete your scrapsheet collection? At Picture-Scraps we have a large collection of scraps available against competitive prices. Measurements can vary and have been mentioned at the specific scrap (in cm). From Victorian sceneries to biblical figures and from fairytale characters to colourful flowers – we have everything in stock! Which scraps carry your preference?

What makes large scraps so popular? 

Large scraps are rather unique. They perfectly showcase the amount of attention producers put in creating their die-cut scraps. Even though large scraps may be less convenient for the creative scrapbookers or cardmakers, they are in popular demand with scrapcollectors. This is why I have established a complete review based on characteristics such as theme, producer, country of origin and measurements. Themes can vary from animals and flowers to angels and religious sceneries

Explore the scrapsheets that are for sale 

In the Picture-Scraps shop you find different kinds of large scraps available for sale. Stock will constantly be updated as I find new pieces to add. You can simply order via a personal account and pay by PayPal or wire transfer. Your new scrapsheets will be shipped within five working days after payment is received. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me by sending an email to