Religious Scrapsheets

My collection of religious scrapsheets shows a large variety of religious or biblical figures and sceneries in the classic, Victorian art style. Producers like A.R., H. Katz and L&B have created unique masterpieces that complete every enthusiasts’ collection. I decided to share my knowledge via Picture-Scraps, where you find a complete categorisation of religious and other-themed scrapsheets.

Explore different kinds of religious scrapsheets 

Religious scraps have been created in all kinds of shapes and sizes. From single scrapsheets that are perfect for creating Christmas cards to label scraps for unique scrapbook layouts. Picture-Scraps is a complete reference guide to available die-cut sheets in a large variety of themes, including the religious scrapsheets. Whether you are fond of religious sceneries or like the angelic depictions of children more, my collection holds a large variety of images that fit your preference. 

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Would you like to know which religious scrapsheets are for sale at Picture-Scraps? Simply explore the shop-area! Here, you will find a large collection of available scrapsheets to add to your own collection. Log in to Picture-Scraps, place your order and pay by PayPal or wire transfer. Do you have any die-cut scraps that might spark my interest? Make sure to contact me by emailing

You can find some examples below. More can be found in my collection.

Hildesheimer 650 bible history religious sheet 24.jpg

Die Cuts - Bible History Religious Sheet 24

S.H. & CO 650
HKC 21 biblic history.jpg

Die Cuts - Biblic History


Die Cuts - Religious Communion

Printed in Germany 458 angels 9,5x6 inch.jpg

Die Cuts - Angels With Curls


17x24 cm