Die-cut Scraps

Die-cut scraps are beautiful and colourful picture sheets. The pictures are used as decorative additions to for example cards and scrapbooks, but also have a rich history as collectibles. This stems back to the Victorian age where it was a popular pastime for many. It also caught my interest a few years ago!

Discover a wide collection of die-cut scraps

Through the years, I have developed a considerable amount of knowledge about die-cut scraps. My wish is to share this knowledge through Picture-Scraps; a personal collection of various scraps in a large variety of designs. Think of:

Every die-scut scrap has been evaluated and categorised in its corresponding theme, country of origin and (if known) producer. In this way, it is easy to navigate the entire collection of die-cut scraps for your personal favourites. 

Order your favourite die-cuts online

A part of my collection is available for sale. Sign up to Picture-Scraps to purchase die-cut scraps and other scrapsheets by PayPal payment or through a wire transfer to my personal bank account. If you want to know more about my collection of die-cut scraps or have any questions, please contact me via info@picture-scraps.com