Angel Scrapsheets

Angels are a rather popular image you regularly find on scrapsheets. Even though most scraps have a Victorian art style, there are still subtle nuances in use of colour and linework. These variations are often characteristic for certain producers. 

Angels are perfect for Christmas cards, scrapbooking and collecting unique scrapsheets

Are you a collector of die-cut scraps and is ‘angelic’ one of your favourite themes? Picture-Scraps offers a reference guide of available scrapsheets with angels depicted on them. These are categorised on producer and country of origin. Some of the scrapsheets are also available for sale. Thanks to the ladders in the scrapsheets you have the possibility to use the scrapsheets with angels for various creative purposes. Think of Christmas cards, scrapbooks with religious sceneries and much more. 

Select your favourite angelic scenes and order them 

If you want to order scrapsheets with angels on them, you can simply select them in your account. Pay by PayPal or wire transfer, I accept both payment methods. Your new scraps are shipped within five working days after receiving payment. It is possible to select insured shipping against an additional fee. Do you have any questions? Contact me via I speak Dutch, English, German and French but also know my way around Google Translate if it is more convenient to speak in your native language.