Collecting Scraps

After years of collecting scraps, I finally decided to put Picture-Scraps into place. This website is a point of reference for all likeminded people where I have categorised scraps based on characteristics and producers. People who like collecting scraps or who use them for scrapbooking and other creative outlets, can use my private collection as an inspiration. 

Collecting scraps as a popular pastime for adults and children 

Collecting scraps amassed popularity during the Victorian age, where it was a pastime for both adults and children. The small, colourful scraps remain popular ever since and people have been collecting them for a long period of time. Their biggest appeal is the sentimental and decorative value of the pieces. My extensive collection consists of various scraps in different styles and. Think of:

Order your favourite scraps online

Have you found die-cut scraps you would like to add to your own collection? A part of my collection is up for sale. Simply log in to Picture-Scraps, order your favourite scraps and start collecting! You can pay by PayPal or wire transfer. If you have any questions, make sure to contact me by sending an email to I understand Dutch, English, French and German but know my way around Google Translate as well.