Christmas Scrapsheets

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas holds a place in everyone’s heart and collectors of scrapsheets are no exception to this! Traditionally, Christmas scrapsheets are images of Christmas trees, Santa on a sleigh, nostalgic decorations, little drummer boys and angelic girls. 

Festive season is available year-round with Christmas scrapsheets

Especially when you use scrapsheets to get creative, it may be worthwhile to stock up on Christmas images during the year as they may become scarce when Christmas is approaching. I constantly offer new Christmas scrapsheets to make sure you find whatever it is you need in time for the festive season. Combine the Christmas scrapsheets with other themes like the religious scrapsheets and angel scrapsheets to create a lifelike scenery in your scrapbook or on personalised postcards! Are you a collector, just as I am? Then use my personal collection as a reference guide to know what is available. If you have any images that might spark my interest, get in touch so we can discuss the possibilities! 

Order your new scraps in time for the holidays!

If there is one thing I would like to advise, is to order your favourite Christmas scrapsheets and Dresden-style wishes in time for the holidays. This is especially the case when you use the scrapsheets to make Christmas postcards. However, I always offer a fair price that is rather competitive compared to other suppliers. If you want to know more about the current stock at Picture-Scraps or would like to order in bulk, please contact me via