Animals scrapsheets

Animals are one of the most common images used on scrapsheets. The animals are drawn in the Victorian art style, characterised by its harder lines and realistic use of colours. Whether you are more drawn to domestic animals or like a humorous depiction of animals in fancy dresses, you find it all at Picture-Scraps!

Which animal scrapsheets do you need for your collection?

The collection available for sale consists of various scrapsheets with a number of animals. Single scrapsheets and large scraps are also available, they are however a little bit more scarce than regular scrapsheets. Stock is updated on a regular basis, so it is worthwhile to frequently check whether new founds have been added to the collection. Are you wondering what kind of die-cut scraps can be found at Picture-Scraps? Some well-known producers of scrapsheets with animals are Birn Bros, Chagor and Raphael Tuck. 

Simply order scraps online 

Have you found new scrapsheets for your own collection? Or do you want to buy fun a scrapsheets with animals to make postcards or a scrapbook? Whatever the case is, you can simply order them via your online account. Pay your order by PayPal or wire transfer. After that, your new scraps are shipped in a timely manner! If you have any questions, make sure to contact me via