Postcard Scraps

Scraps are used for luxurious postcards, to decorate with well-known sceneries and images in the classic, Victorian art style. Collectors and hobbyists are rather fond of them. In addition, they are also rather fun to receive as a gift! 

What situation calls for postcard scraps? 

You can use each scrap for postcard making in every conceivable situation. Think of unique Christmas cards or a personal get well soon-card. Thanks to the extensive collection at Picture-Scraps, you will find a suitable die-cut scrap for every situation. I even found a number of large scraps to create an even more unique scenery. To make navigating the collections easier for you, I used my knowledge of scrapsheets to create a categorisation based on theme, country of origin, producer and much more characteristics. This way, it is convenient for you to directly find what you are looking for. 

Explore the available cards in the shop

In the shop-area you will find different kinds of postcard scraps that are available for sale. You can pay by PayPal or wire transfer, whatever fits your situation best. Your items will be shipped within five working days after payment. If you have any questions regarding the available postcard scraps or if you have any items that would fit in my personal collection, do not hesitate to contact me via

You can find some examples below. More can be found in my collection.

Postcard Haco 0353 chimney-sweep.jpg

Postcard - Chimey Sweep 2


with gold imprints

€ 0,50
Postcard 3006 M.B.Cooper.jpg

Postcard - Postcard 3006 M.B.Cooper

€ 1,25
Postcard 3002 M.B.Cooper.jpg

Postcard - Postcard 3002 M.B.Cooper

€ 1,25
Postcard 3003 M.B.Cooper.jpg

Postcard - Postcard 3003 M.B.Cooper