Label Scraps

Label scraps are perfect for personalised gifts. Whether the occasion is festive or casual, label scraps with a heartfelt message always bring something extra to the table. It is also possible to order the labels to complete your own collection, especially when you search for specific themes or producers. 

A complete reference guide to find label scraps for your collection 

A lot of the label scraps have colourful images of animals, flowers or children on them. The shop is constantly restocked with unique images to accompany a beautiful bouquet or gift basket. You can also use the label scraps as complementary element to your postcards! Picture-Scraps is a convenient reference guide where a large variety of scrapsheets are categorised on a selection of characteristics. Every scrap is categorised in a theme and assigned to its country of origin and producer for your convenience. 

How to order your favourite scraps

Would you like to order label scraps for your own collection? Or will you use them for creative purposes? Whatever the case is, you can simply order your favourites via your account. Select the label scraps you wish and pay by PayPal or wire transfer. Your order will be shipped within five working days after receiving payment. If you reside outside of Europe, it can take a little longer for me to receive the payment due to international payment guidelines. If you have any questions, you can always contact me via

You can find some examples below. More can be found in my collection.

Label AFKH 2.jpg

Label - Label Afkh 2 Birds And Cage

Label AFKH 3 girl with cat.jpg

Label - Label Afkh 3 Girl With Cat

Label AFKH 4 flowers.jpg

Label - Label Afkh 4 Flowers

Label AFKH 1 dog.jpg

Label - Label Afkh 1 Dog