Pop-up Scraps

Pop-up scraps are very fun and really bring sceneries to life! Thanks to the pop-up mechanism the scraps are vivid and three-dimensional, whether it is a flowery garden with playing children or angelic depictions of a religious scenery. Picture-Scraps aims to offer unique pop-up scrapsheets so you can complete your personal collection. 

Explore the pop-up scraps that are for sale 

At Picture-Scraps, we have a small collection of pop-up scraps for sale as they are quite rare. Every order is shipped in a sturdy cardboard envelop to prevent damaging. If you would like to have more security, we offer an insured shipping service against an additional fee. My goal is to constantly update the pop-up scraps-section with new additions, as I scour other collectors’ shops to acquire a complete set of these unique die-cut scraps

Let’s trade scrapsheets! 

My personal collection
consists of Victorian sceneries that show lots of flowers and bright colours. If you have any pop-up scraps that fit this style, do not hesitate to contact me by emailing info@picture-scraps.com. Maybe we can come to an agreement and trade scrapsheets from our collections. Of course, you are welcome to contact me if you have any questions about the current stock or their characteristics. 

You can find some examples below. More can be found in my collection.

Pop Up - Two Puppets Stand Up Card

E.O. & CO 62157
€ 9,00

Pop Up - Victorian Pop Up Fold Out Card 11

vintage, two figures but may vary

Pop Up - Victorian Pop Up Fold Out Card 10

vintage, two figures but may vary

Pop Up - Victorian Pop Up Fold Out Card 4

some variation

€ 5,00